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Last updated: 20/02/2011

It's time to stop arresting responsible cannabis consumers. Millions of South Africans use cannabis; few abuse it.

Arresting these otherwise law-biding citizens serves no legitimate purpose; extends government into inappropriate areas of our private lives; and causes enormous harm to the lives, careers and families of more than 90,000 cannabis arrests each year in this country.

NORML's mission is to educate the public about the costs of cannabis prohibition and the benefits of alternative policies; to undertake research into various aspects of cannabis and cannabis policy implications, and to work towards providing legal support and assistance to victims of the current unjust cannabis laws. 

NORML (The National Organisation for Reform of Marijuana Laws) supports the right of adults to use marijuana / cannabis responsibly, whether for medical or personal purposes. All penalties, both civil and criminal, should be eliminated for responsible use, possession and cultivation. Further, to eliminate the crime, corruption and violence associated with the illicit cannabis trade, a legally regulated market should be established where consumers could buy cannabis in a safe and secure environment.

NORML also supports the legalisation of hemp (non-psychoactive dagga/cannabis) for industrial and nutritional purposes. 

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